How to apply with overseas certificates

Students who have obtained their certificate abroad wishing to complete a degree must apply via the national joint online application procedure at 20.2.-13.3.2018. Students who have foreign leaving certificate must nevertheless complete the application process at the web address already given. Their placement will be based upon a flexible joint application process. The applicant’s choice will automatically lead him/her to the right path.

Fill out the joint application form on . After filling in your personal information, choose foreign leaving certificate as your basic education. You can apply for a maximum of five institutions, which must be placed in a preferred order. Print out the application.

Write an A4 length application letter. As a guide, you may wish to answer the following questions:
Who are you and where have you studied?
Why would you like to study in Finland and at Kulosaari Secondary School?
How would you evaluate your English and Finnish skills?
What are your plans after completing upper secondary school studies?
Where are you intending to live if you are accepted into Kulosaari Upper Secondary School? Will your whole family move or are you planning to move on your own?

The applicants who have studied in English do not need to take a language proficiency test, the documents sent determine the decision of acceptance, which is made by the principal. Send the application letter as well as copies of the application form and your latest school report card by the end of the application period (13.3.2018) to principal Lauri Halla, Kulosaari Secondary School, Ståhlberginkuja 1, 00570 Helsinki, Finland.

The list of successful applicants will be published on the school website in 14.6.2018. The successful applicants will also receive a letter of acceptance.

Registration of new students and course selection for the first school year will take place at school in 14.6-19.6.2018. Applicants must confirm their acceptance by 28.6 2018. If a student cannot confirm their acceptance during summer, they must contact the student guidance counsellor immediately after the list of successful candidates has been published.

To find out further information about studying at Kulosaari Upper Secondary School and the application process, contact Lauri Halla, principal,, or the guidance counsellor Riitta Kaisto,, phone +358 400 808 351.