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Bilingualism in KSYK

Bilingualism in KSYK

Bilingualism is a part of everyday life at KSYK Upper Secondary School. We offer our students the opportunity to study bilingually, but also appreciating the fact that students need to prepare for matriculation exams in Finnish.

We have students and teachers from many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This multiculturalism and language teaching create a unique educational community here at KSYK where English and Finnish are the main communicational tools. School events and celebrations are held in Finnish, English or bilingually. Official communication is done in both Finnish and English.

Language emphasis varies within the different educational streams according to the table below. The primary language emphasis in advanced national curriculum courses within each stream as well as our school’s own courses are printed in bold.


  General stream YT-stream TT-stream English stream
Compulsory courses f f f ef
Nationwide specialized courses fe/ef fe/ef fe/ef fe/ef
School-based specialized courses fe/ef/e fe/ef/e fe/ef/e fe/ef/e
Abicourses f f f f


Bilingualism in different courses:

-f Teaching in Finnish

-fe Enrichment in English:  80% Finnish / 20% English

-ef Bilingual Teaching:  33% Finnish / 33% Free Choice / 33% English

-e Teaching in English, for matriculation exams vocabulary and concepts in Finnish also


The Civics Course in Finnish Law Practises (Lyh4) is an f-course

The Course in Finnish History (Lhi5) is an f-course

Compulsory courses in World Ethics will be taught as fe-courses in case there are not enough students to be divided into two groups. The Religion in Finnish Society Course (Let5) / and Cultural Adaptations of World Views (Let4) are taught as f-courses.