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Everyday I smile because I'm in a happy school with good friends and teachers. Dabin

Join our lower secondary

Kulosaari Secondary School offers an opportunity for inspiring learning in a pleasant and international environment. We value effort, advancing in one's studies, looking after everyone and good and considerate behaviour. The school also offers high quality student care services.

In the lower secondary classes 7-9 of Kulosaari Secondary School, it is possible to study in Finnish, bilingual (English-Finnish) and English classes. Students come from Helsinki and other municipalities.

The Finnish classes are available to everyone. The students are primarily taken from the school's enrolment area, and secondarily from other areas.

In the bilingual classes, studying is done both in English and in Finnish. The aim is to reach an excellent level of English or maintain an existing language skill. The classes have an entrance exam.

In the English classes, studying is done primarily in English. All students also study Finnish as either a first language, a secondary language or a foreign language. The most important concepts are learned in two languages. The classes have an entrance exam.

The school's 7th grade classes are applied to as elsewhere in Helsinki. Sixth graders get student info cards from their schools that can be used to apply to bilingual or international entrance exam classes and/or Finnish classes. The card is to be returned to the student's class teacher in January 2017. The school can also be applied to by students from other municipalities.

The student can apply to lower secondary schools outside his/her own student enrollment area by writing the desired schools' names in the 1st and 2nd applying lines.

Those applying to the entrance exam classes should return an enrollment form to Kulosaari Secondary School by
xx Jan 2017, with the help of the class teacher if needed. 

Enrolment schedule

10.1.2018 18.00 Briefing for sixth graders and parents

13.1.2018 10.00‒14.00 Open doors! You're welcome to info meetings, see lessons, meet teachers and get to know the students!

18.1.2018 Return the enrolment form for the aptitude tests. If needed, applicants can fill in their forms with their teacher and return the forms to the office.


Enrolment for aptitude tests for 7th grade

Student information form for those not resident in Helsinki


25.1.2018 9.00 Aptitude test.
An English test for all applying for the bilingual or international classes. The test takes 2 hours.
A Finnish test for applicants studying Finnish as a mother tongue, or as a second language. The test takes 1,5 hours. Lunch is served for applicants taking the Finnish test.

If the applicant is not able to take the test on 26th Jan and if the reason is acceptable, he/she will be given another time. Contact vice-principal Richard Cousins, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

14.3.2018      12.00 Names of the next 7th grade students are announced at the main door and on the Internet.