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I'm really lucky to come to this school and I am writing this right from the heart, this is the best school ever! Tugce

Join us!

Kulosaari Secondary School is a great place to study and work. You can find information on applying to study or to work at the lower or upper secondary school in these pages.

In Finland, the right to freely choose one's school regardless of one's place of residence is set in law. Kulosaari Secondary School is a private educational institution that accepts students from Helsinki and other municipalities on an equal basis. There are no school fees, so attending school is free.

The school is located in a peaceful environment by the sea and is close to excellent transport connections. Kulosaari metro station is just a stone's throw away and Itäväylä and Kulosaari buses stop close to the school. There are cycle paths to the school from the east and city centre.

Make the choice of your life!