7th grade entrance test

7th grade entrance test to bilingual and English classes taes place on Thursday 30th Jan 2014 at 9 am. There is also a compulsory Finnish test for those applying for bilingual classes and fluent Finnish-speakers applying for the English classes at 12 - 13. Lunch is offered in between the tests. Candidates should bring their own pens and erasers. Tests include only written assignments.

Info meeting about KSYK upper secondary school

Welcome to info meeting about KSYK upper secondary school, the lines available, how to apply and entrance tests. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 28th Jan 2014 at 3 pm.

Korean visitors

Korean delegation visits the school on 15th Jan 2014. Visitors are observing lessons.

Info evening for 9th grade parents

9th grade parents are invited to an info evening about applying for secondary education.
Time: Wed 15th Jan at 18
Place: Auditorium U33
Topics: new Opintopolku system, how to apply and choices offered in KSYK

Educational Board meeting

Educational Board has a meeting on Tuesday 14th Jan 2014. Among other issues, working days and holidays of the next school year will be decided.

Open doors

Kulosaari Secondary School has open doors on Saturday 11th Jan 2014 at 10 - 14. Lessons and premises are open for the guests and there are info sessions about enrolment to 7th grade and upper secondary. KSYK students have their normal scheduled lessons. Welcome all guests and parents!

Information about entering grade 7

10.15 in the auditorium U33

11.45 in the auditorium U33


Information about entering our high school

11.00 in the auditorium U33

12.30 in the auditorium U33


Parents’ Association Kyky ry

9.30–14.20 Coffee next to the side doors

9.30-14.20 Book bring and buy sale in front entrance hall


Lunch for visitors is available from 1100-1250 at a cost of 5,40€. Tickets can be bought directly from the lunchroom kioski

 KSYK shop will be selling and taking orders for school logo clothing and bags in the front entrance from 0930-1415.