Lower secondary Independence celebration

Lower secondary Independence celebration on friday 5.12.2014 at 12:00

Fazer Amican and Lotta Svärd independence celebration

Fazer Amican and Lotta Svärd independence celebration at school 8:30-10:45

Among guest speakers: Lasse Lehtinen and Krista Kiuru

Christmas market at KSYK

mini Christmas market at KSYK
30 November
Handcrafts, cafe, gingerbread,gingerbread houses, live juke box, cards, books, children's corner, baked goods, Kulosaari Art School exhibition,
Ståhlberginkuja 1

Cloth collection charity 19.11.2014

The Red Cross Charity Event: Bring your old clothes for charity!
The Finnish Red Cross and Danceteam are organizing a cloth collection charity event at Kulosaari Secondary School (down hallway) on Wed the 19th November 8am-11am.

The Finnish Red Cross is organizing a clothes collection charity event at Kulosaari Secondary School on Wed the 19th of November 8am-11am. Clean through your closets and cupboards and bring all your old and unused clothes for charity. Your old garments may be extremely useful for someone else!
The Finnish Red Cross sent a large amount of clothes to the Ukraine in September. The war torn country received 130 000 pieces of clothes. In addition, a large truck load of clothes were recently sent to the Ebola infected area in Sierra Leone. The families struggling with Ebola have a great need for used clothes because the clothes worn by infected people have to burned in order to stop the virus from spreading.
When you pack your clothes for charity, please remember that the Red Cross cannot accept dirty or broken pieces of clothing. We cannot accept used shoes or undergarments either. So please donate clothes that are clean and usable. The donated clothes will be distributed by the logistics center in Kalkku, Tampere.
This is a part of the Red Cross’ Catastrophe Aid. The charity event is organized by the Red Cross’ International Youth Club and Vantaan Kontti. For more information, you can contact Teemu Väisänen, the Youth Director at the East-Helsinki office of the Red Cross’ youth department.


Come and help us to make it possible for women and children of Madagascar to enjoy sports!
Danceteam wants to make sure that charity is as direct as possible, and that the help of others really does pass on for those in need. This is why we have arranged a fundraising event. The meaning of the event is to support women and children of Madagascar to develop their skills and enjoy sports. If you want to be a part of this fundraising event, bring your old, useable dance and sport equipment (shoes, kneepads, footballs etc.) to school. The delivery of equipment will be ensured by Danceteam International.
The fundraising event will take place on 19.11 at 8-10.00 in the down hallway.

Contacts with email to : dursun.melissa@gmail.com
-Danceteam International


Working life afternoon

Working life afternoon on 12th Nov 2014 at 1 pm - 3 pm collects parents, alumni and other interesting people to introduce their professions and education to 9th graders and upper secondary students.

Fathers´ morning

Fathers of all students are invited to Fathers´ morning meeting on 7th Nov at 8.15. More info though Wilma.