Exam week

Third exam week of the school year.

Studia generalia: Juhana Vartiainen

In Studia generalia Juhana Vartiainen, member of the Finnish parliament, speaks about the economy match Finland-Sweden, what could we learn from Sweden. The event starts in Pikkusali at 2 pm.

Taksvärkki Day

Our school will organize a Taksvärkki ("working") day on 25.1.2017. The students will donate the collected sum to the WWF.

Theme evening at Lukutupa

Juha Nurminen is speaking about the protection of the Baltic sea in Lukutupa theme evening in the library at 6 pm. You are warmly welcome!

6th grade entrance exam to 7th grade

Entrance exam to English and bi-lingual classes will be held on Thursday 25th January starting at 9 am. Please be at the cenral hall at 8.50. Bring your own pencil and eraser. Welcome!


9 am: English exam


12: Finnish exam

1 pm: examination ends

Joint application info-evening

9 th graders and their parents are welcome to hear and discuss the joint application system for upper secondary studies on Wednesday 24 th January at 6 pm. There is also information available regarding applying to KSYK Upper Secondary in the end of the event.