Halloween Spook Walk

Students organize annual Halloween Spook Walk on Wednesday 31st Oct 2012 starting at 6 pm. More detailed schedule will be available later. Come and be scared!

Minister of Labour visiting

Minister of Labour mr Lauri Ihalainen visits the school on Thursday 25th Oct 2012 and tells the 9th graders and upper secondary students about qualities needed in future labour markets.

7th grade optional course fair

7th graders participate in optinal course fair during homeroom session. Teachers of optional courses introduce their contents.

Municipal election panel

Mucipal election candidates from six parties meet challenging questions of KSYK upper secondary students and 9th graders in central hall on Tueday 23rd Oct 2012 at 1 pm. Mock election will also take place.

Autumn holiday

Autumn holiday keeps the school closed between 13th Oct and 21st Oct 2012.

The Ball

The Ball takes place on Wednesday 10th Oct starting at 5 pm. Program includes traditional dances, disco, singing and playing, games, movies, food etc.