Lower Secondary Sports Day

Lower Secondary students have sports day on Friday 15th Feb.

Abi Show and Penkkarit

Abis are putting up the Grande and Traditionale Abi Show 2013. Feel it and experience it on Thu 14th Feb at 10! After the show there is candy rain in the front yard at 11.45 - 12, when abis climb up to the trucks and leave the scene.

Lukio 2nd grade parent-teacher meeting

Parent of lukion 2nd graders (classes 11) are invited to parent-teacher meeting on Thursday 14th Feb at 5 pm. After the meeting at 6 pm, Old Dances in the central hall.

Old Dances

Old students have their traditional ballroom dancing at school on Thursday 14th Feb at 6 pm. In addition they dance for lower secondary students on Friday 15th Feb at 9.30 - 10.15 and for upper secondary and primary school students at 10.30 - 11. Joint dancing of several school take place in Helsinki Ice Hall on Friday at 2 pm - 4 pm.

Kick out party

First and second graders kick the abis out from the school on Wed 13th Feb at 6 pm. It is going to be big fun!

Sunday Brunch

On Sunday the 10th of February the students traveling to India are hosting a fundraiser brunch. It starts at 11am, there will be delicious food, a children's corner and some of our lovely 9th grade girls to entertain everybody. There is a full buffet with warm dishes, some exotic dishes, fruits, deserts, cakes, waffles, breakfast and lunch items, tea, coffee, juices etc.