Meeting of 2nd year upper secondary parents

Second year upper secondary parents are invited for a meeting on Thu 13th Feb at 5 pm. The meeting is followed by Old dances at 6 pm.

Old Dances

Old dances are performed in central hall on Thursday 13th Feb at 6 pm. There is room for quite a number of family members, relatives and friends to come and see.

Kick out party

Third year students will be kicked out from the school by second year students on Wednesday 12th Feb 2014 at 6 pm.

New short movie in morning opening

New short movie by former student Naima Mohamud will be released in lower secondary morning opening.

7th grade entrance test

7th grade entrance test to bilingual and English classes taes place on Thursday 30th Jan 2014 at 9 am. There is also a compulsory Finnish test for those applying for bilingual classes and fluent Finnish-speakers applying for the English classes at 12 - 13. Lunch is offered in between the tests. Candidates should bring their own pens and erasers. Tests include only written assignments.

Info meeting about KSYK upper secondary school

Welcome to info meeting about KSYK upper secondary school, the lines available, how to apply and entrance tests. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 28th Jan 2014 at 3 pm.