YT-linjan valintakoe

Valintakoe yhteiskunta- ja talouslinjalle järjestetään perjantaina 27.4.2018 klo 13.30 Kokeeseen ei ilmoittauduta erikseen, eikä siihen tule erillistä kutsua. Kokeeseen tulee ottaa mukaan kuvallinen henkilöllisyystodistus. Kokeeseen osallistuminen on edellytys kouluun hyväksymiselle.

Koe mittaa yhteiskuntaopin sekä ajankohtaisten kotimaisten ja kansainvälisten politiikkaan ja talouteen liittyvien asioiden tuntemusta.

Valintakokeen yhden pisteen arvoisen tehtävän voi korvata harrastuneisuudella, josta on toimitettu kirjallinen todistus koulun kansliaan mielellään ennen 27.4.2018 (tällöin kokelas saa tiedon harrastuneisuuspisteen hyväksymisestä ennen koetilaisuutta) tai viimeistään 11.5.2018.

US English Stream entrance exam

The entrance exam for the English Stream will be organized on Wednesday 25.4.2018 at 2.30 pm (14.30 o’clock). Candidates do not need to enlist nor register separately for the exam nor will a separate invitation be sent. Come to the exam and bring with you official identification with a picture. The entrance exam is a prerequisite for enrollment at KSYK. The entrance exam is a test in English measuring the student’s competence in English. A student can pass the test by having a very good command of lower secondary English studies.

TT-linjan valintakoe

Valintakoe järjestetään maanantaina 23.4.2018 klo 14.30.

  • Koe sisältää kirjallisia tehtäviä, jotka pohjautuvat peruskoulun luonnontieteiden ja matematiikan sisältöihin sekä alan ajankohtaisiin teemoihin kotimaassa ja ulkomailla.
  • Koe on suomenkielinen.
  • Kokeeseen ei ilmoittauduta erikseen eikä siihen tule erillistä kutsua.
  • Kokeeseen osallistuminen on edellytys linjalle hyväksymiselle.
  • Funktiolaskin on sallittu pääsykokeessa. Ota oma laskin mukaan.

Theme evening at Lukutupa

Martti Backman tells the story of his book Vakoojat (Spies) during Lukutupa theme evening in the library at 6 pm. You are warmly welcome!

We are looking for Living Books for Human Library at KSYK on Tuesday 29th of May

Human library event at Kulosaari Secondary School is arranged for about 150 7th graders. We are looking for both experienced and new books.  Human Library event will start with a short meeting on Tuesday 29th of May at 9. The Library starts at 10 and ends at 11.30. After that we will have “a debriefing discussion” and a possibility to have a lunch together in the school’s cafeteria.

The Human Library is like a regular library – the difference being that the Books in the Human Library are real, live human beings. Living Books belong to different minorities or other groups that face discrimination and prejudice. During a Human Library event, the reader borrows a Living Book for a short discussion (20 min.). At the end of this message is a list of Living Books our students would like to meet. The language of discussion can be both/either English and/or Finnish.

Promoting respect for human rights and human dignity are the main objectives of the Human Library. Human Library events bring people together and enable them to communicate and share their views. More information can be found here.

We hope that all Living Books could also participate in a short info on Wed 16.5.2018 at 17.00 at Kulosaari Secondary School, Stålhlberginkuja 1, Helsinki. We hope that as many books are available as possible. We only have a small budget, so unfortunately we can’t cover your travelling expenses. However, we can offer you a warm meal, happy experience and coffee or tea on the actual Human Library day.

Please, fill in the information, when you do your enrolment:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information (phone number, email, postal address)
  • Your age, if you are under 18
  • Your Book title (we can also try to figure it out together)
  • In which languages can you talk with the students? e.g. Finnish, Swedish, English?
  • Your food allergies or other special diet
  • Shall you stay for lunch on 29th of May?
  • Other special needs
  • Are you able to attend the short info on Wed. 16th of May at 17?


More information and the enrolment:

Thank you! We are very happy if you forward this message to other Living Books :)

Regards, Karoliina Käpylehto, Satu Nevalainen and Milla Määttä, Kulosaari Secondary school


Students’ wish list for Human Library Books:

  • Immigrant
  • Feminist
  • Police
  • Animal rights activist
  • Lesbian
  • Gay
  • Polyamorous
  • Crossdresses
  • Transgender
  • Model
  • Doctor
  • A former drug user
  • Conscientious objector
  • A former prisoner
  • Deaf
  • Lolita
  • Gothic
  • Person who has the Tourette syndrome
  • Lawyer
  • Person who has mental disorder
  • Overweight
  • Buddhist

Theme evening at Lukutupa

Leena Majander-Reenpää speaks about Minna Canth during Lukutupa theme evening in the library at 6 pm. You are warmly welcome!