Winter break

Week 8 winter break.

Valentine's Day Brunch

From 11 am to 2 pm. More information about the event coming later on.

Exam week

Third exam week of the school year.

Studia generalia: Juhana Vartiainen

In Studia generalia Juhana Vartiainen, member of the Finnish parliament) speaks about the economy match Finland-Sweden, what could we learn from Sweden. The event starts in Pikkusali at 2 pm.

Taksvärkki Day

Our school will organize a Taksvärkki ("working") day on 25.1.2017. The students will donate the collected sum to the WWF.

6th grade entrance exam to 7th grade

Entrance exam to English and bi-lingual classes will be held on Thursday 25th January starting at 9 am. Please be at the cenral hall at 8.50. Bring your own pencil and eraser. Welcome!


9 am: English exam


12: Finnish exam

1 pm: examination ends